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        June 25, 2020

        Gary and Mandy

        October 18, 2019

        Ethel and Irene

        Love always wins.. We are so glad to have met Ethel and Irene who recently proclaimed their love in front of family and friends. They call each other "Buhay Ko" which translates to "My Life" in E...
        October 17, 2019

        Kenneth and Janny

        We met Kenneth at one of his best friend's weddings and at the time he was not even engaged to Janny. He kept communication with us until he finally popped the question and was having a wedding o...

        KIND WORDS

        Very accomodating and highly-skilled proffesionals. Highly recommended to anyone needing photo/video services. Our special day will always be re-visited through your photo and video work. They weren't kidding when they said they would give it their 150%. Thank you for the exceptional work. These guys here are very professional and your fairytale is for sure in good hands!.. 2 Thumbs up for you guys!

        Thank you again Kuya Ely, Marzia and the rest of your team. Keep up the very good work.

        - Mr. & Mrs. Feliciano

        KIND WORDS

        Had the pleasure of seeing EMSager Photography in action at my bestfriend's wedding yesterday. 6-team members and fully geared to the hilt, it felt they are ready for combat!

        Toto and his team consists of highly experienced 3 photographers, 2 videographers and 1 drone specialist. They made sure every fleeting moment were captured flawlessly. They work and move silently like ninjas. You know they're there yet it felt they are not there and never in your face. They made people at ease so people can be themselves who are camera shy. They are also extremely accommodating and willing to jump into another role when the occasion calls for it ... a stylist, a dance instructor ... and most especially they do it with with a smile. Oh one more thing, I love their photo booth - Quick Snap!

        A lot of people can take photos and videos. But what set them apart from others is that they will capture your special moment cinematically! I am not easy to give a recommendation but hands down, EMSager Photography is a dream team and would hire them in a heartbeat!

        - Caroline Fuentes

        KIND WORDS

        We are very fortunate that we got introduced to Toto of EMSager Photography when I was looking for someone to cover my parents 50th wedding celebration. Despite their busy schedule, they were able to accommodate my requests including the change in the date plus all the other extra items that we wanted. I would like to personally thank the staff of EMSager Photography for their exceptional coverage of wedding as well as the save the date video and photoshoot. They have provided an excellent service from the beginning till the end of the event. They were all very friendly yet professional and people can see that they enjoy what they were doing. How we wished that we have met them during my own wedding

        The wedding presentation was very well executed a as what the guests said, it was like a tele-novela. The photo booth was a blast and very elegant as well. Thanks for the great pictures.

        There were no glitches and no issues at all from the very start till the end.

        We highly recommend EMSager Photography and will definitely get their services again.

        - Julie Delfin