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        1) Why is there only one package?
        Everyone is different. Your needs and finance plan will not be the same as another client that we have worked with in the past. So we created a solution. We show you a basic investment layout of our services and you can freely customize it to your event.

        2) How can I customize it?
        A team member will personally meet with you to discuss your event essentials and from there we can draft a personalized detailed proposal. If you would like to set up a meeting, please send us a message or phone us at 778-847-0418.

        3) Are Additional Services separate from my Investment?
        Each additional service that we offer has a separate rate. However the more services you require the greater the discount.

        4) When should I book my event?
        Ideally, we ask that you book at least six months ahead, however in special scenarios we can discuss your needs even under a time crunch. Don’t worry, you are in good hands. We have already covered a wedding with two weeks notice. We never sacrifice the quality of our work, you can expect 150% passion and dedication poured to your event every time.

        5)Why don’t you present a basic set rate?
        Allow us to put it this way, the rate that we provide you is a perceived value of our work but it should never break the bank. We understand that some of our clients are newlywed couples who are just about to start their lives, parents of debutantes who still has to pay for college, so we ensure that it is practical yet superior in quality. Our client’s satisfaction will always be our priority and we make sure to invest in top of the line equipment. However, we can discuss and evaluate your budget. Our team will make it a point to prove that all the memories you will receive is worth every penny.